Local Storage Sharing feature for tplink Modem router

Most of tplink wifi router devices allow you to share your USB device with computer and wireless devices that are connected to tplink wifi access. When you get http tplinkwifi net login, you can easily make these type of sharing for your UAB devices. Before you make these local storage sharing settings for tplink wifi router devices, you have to check that you have following details.

Image result for tplink modem

Default tplink Router Login User Name

TP-Link Router Login Password

Default Password for TP-Link Router Device

Once you have these login details, you can easily make USB drive settings for your tplink wifi routers. Tplink wifi modems and tplink wifi extender devices will also use same steps when you need to share USB drive from these devices.

How to Manage USB Drive Sharing for TP-Link Router Devices?

  1. Connect your USB device with your tplink wifi router device.
  2. After that get login for tplink router login page. Connect your tplink router to computer with Ethernet cable and then access http tplinkwifi net
  3. Fill tplink login user name and password. Use default use details for first time login of your device.
  4. Click on “Advanced” button.
  5. After that select “USB Settings” button.
  6. After that select “Disk Settings” button so that you can manage USB settings for tplink modem devices.
  7. Now your computer devices are easy to access USB device from their location. Go for “My Computer” button and then select “Network” button. You can fill the folder name and then you can get particular folder access from each computer and mobile device that is connected tplink router wifi access.media sharing for tp link wireless router.
  8. Image result for tplink modem

These are simple steps for make USB drive settings for tplink wifi router and modem users.


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